My love of computers and programming began in fifth grade when I saw an Apple ][ for the first time. It was 1977, the year the Apple ][ was released, and someone had the foresight to recognize its significance and bought one for the school. One of my classmates was the son of the superintendent and snuck us in to see it. He knew a few commands, like "cat" and "run". "cat" revealed a long list of intriguing titles and "run" held a lot of promise, but we didn't get that far before being shooed away.

I doubt the computer got much use until seventh grade when I was allowed to spend every study hall playing with it. No one else knew how to use it. I absorbed every manual and learned everything I could about Applesoft Basic. I was hooked for good.

A few decades later, I still delight in programming. Every day, there is a new intriguing puzzle to solve and every answer requires a challenging combination of creativity and skill.